Few sentences about my goals as a scientist. I am interested in very complex problems that need physical prototyping and experimental design. Due to the extreme complexity of problems I solve my only sponsor is the United States Government and the Pentagon. My long term areas of interest lie in augmenting humans with varying scales of advanced robotic machinery within the human body, near the human body or far away from the body.  I am also interested in pyschology, philosophy, art, sculpture and history of sciences and technology. 

My interest in machines started very early on when at age 5 my father would take me to see steam locomotives in India and their  huffing and puffing slider crank mechanisms. The slider crank mechanisms inspired me to draw and I started making them by hand out of cardboard and wood by time I was 6 years old. When I turned 8 my father introduced me to Jules Verne's wonderful world of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This opened a whole new world of imagination and wonder and deep sense of exploration with design of undersea suits, weapons and ofcourse submarines. The undersea technology design work is continuing even today thanks to sponsorship of US Navy and Office of Naval Research. When I turned 10, I was introduced to space exploration through communication with Carl Sagan.  By the time I entered  undergraduate school I had explored everything from deep sea exploration to low speed aeronautics, super sonic flight, space research and attempted to study physics of these technologies through several rudimentary prototypes.  But I still had more designs in my dreams. I eventually came to America immediately after to further these designs just like many famous men of science and technology like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Wernher von Braun etc. Since then I have made new advances in many different fields and I am always looking for new complex problems to make prototypes and experiment.